The Luxemane Collection are 100% raw chemical and silicone free hair
extensions, ethically sourced and available on the Australian market.

Our founder Taya Junup, noticed that the hair extensions market was saturated
with poor quality mixed hairs. 90% of these extensions came from Chinese factories that were over-processed and would only last 3 months.
So she decided to do some research and invest in a better solution.

After 4 years hard research and tens of thousands of dollars later, Luxemane
Collection came to be. The hair is 100% ethically sourced from countries like
Cambodia, India and European countries like Ukraine and Estonia. The hair is
collected and disinfected but kept as raw as possible, with strictly no silicones
applied to give it that fake shiny appearance.

Fast forward to now, Luxemane Collection is sold and installed by multiple
ambassador salons across Australia. All Luxemane Collection Hair Extensions
can be custom coloured and bleached towards your personal hair colour. When
treated well and applied by a trained hair professional, these extensions can last for up to 3 years.

We can’t wait to see this collection grow even more in the future. If you’re
looking to become an ambassador salon, please get in contact.
We’d love to see you join us on this journey.

With love,

The Luxemane Team