Welcome to Luxemane Collection, where luxury meets quality. We specialise in offering premium, handpicked, and specially sourced human hair extensions. Each batch is meticulously crafted from the finest quality hair, selected from exclusive donors, ensuring our products are not mass-produced. Our careful selection process involves minimal processing, preserving the hair in its purest form, resulting in long-lasting extensions that seamlessly blend with your own hair for a natural look and feel. 


Due to our unique production methods, there may be slight variations in tone, weight, and length, but we ensure all bundles are as consistent as possible to meet your expectations. 


With extensive experience in hair extensions, we at Luxemane understand that texture matters. That’s why we offer two tailored options for our clients: 


  1. Cuticle Intact Machine Wefts: Perfect for those with thick, coarse, or wavy hair. This premium raw hair is sourced from donors with similar hair structures, with cuticles left completely intact. This ensures the hair mimics the natural fall of your own, providing a seamless blend. This hair can be customized easily, bleached, and undergoes minimal processing.


  1. Cuticle Aligned Hybrid Micro Wefts : Ideal for fine and straight hair. This hair is collected from the finest donors, ensuring all strands are cuticle aligned with a no-matte guarantee. The specialised process mimics the texture of fine, straight hair, providing up to 18 months of wear with proper care.


At Luxemane Collection, we are committed to delivering the highest quality hair extensions tailored to your unique needs. Experience the luxury of flawless, natural-looking extensions with Luxemane Collection.