Returns Policy

You may return your product within 14 days of the sale only if it has a major defect from manufacture and it has not been used or worn. This exchange and returns policy is to be strictly adhered to and we will not exchange any product that has been used or hair that has been worn or opened from its original ties/packaging.

Any Luxemane Collection hair is not considered to be defected if it has been installed by a hairstylist or any other person. Luxemane Collection recommends that only trained hair extension stylists install our extensions, we are not to be held liable for incorrect installation or any complications that may arise from the installation of your hair extensions.

For hygienic purposes, we strictly do not accept returns or exchanges on hair products if we believe it has been taken out of its original ties/packaging and is re-packaged. In the event of a return or exchange you must email us pictures of the product to confirm the return, this also applies to colour swap.  Return or exchange costs for the shipping of a product is to be paid for by the customer. There is also a 10% administration and re stocking fee that applies for returned items that comply with our policy.

Submitting a few pictures of your hair is advised for best results and colour match for extensions.
Under no circumstances will products or hair be exchanged if it has been used/worn or taken out of its original ties/packaging.

We sell 100% human hair and due to this fact, we must be extremely vigilant in the case of returns, as you should appreciate.

Although we know you would love to open up the package and give the hair extension product a whirl and it could be very tempting – it is unsanitary to expect us to turn around and resell this hair after someone else has worn it, thus we ask you to use the same respect you would expect for yourself and fight the urge to open the package if you see that it is clearly not the correct colour for you.

We understand that you may have been excited and opened the product without looking at it that is why we have our helpful customer service attendants who can instruct you on how to safely tone or deposit colour to your hair extensions if you have made the mistake of unpacking them already.

As our hair comes in 9 base shades and are 100% human hair we advise that you have a trained hairdresser install it or customise it styled to your liking.

To avoid the predicament of customers receiving the wrong product we are eager and happy to advise customers on what we feel in our professional opinion would be the best match for you. Any advice given is purely advice and the decision you make in any purchase is solely your responsibility, none of our consultants or staff members are to be held liable for your choice.

All we need is for you to do is send some recent pictures of yourself, preferably in different lightings. Though we do our best to capture and display an accurate portrayal of our hair extension colours, as do all hair extension retailers, there may be a slight variation to shade from computer to computer. Please keep in mind that our hair extensions are designed to be custom coloured by your trained and qualified hair stylist, so if the colour is not exactly what you desired you have the option to do so.

As previously mentioned under no circumstances will products or hair be exchanged if it has been used/worn or taken out of its original tie/packaging.

In the case that you may get anyone to install your Luxemane Collection hair extensions and for any reason complications arise such as; incorrect installation, shedding due to incorrect installation, any form of complications with colouring to the hair extensions and/or your own hair including bleach, damage to your scalp due to incorrect installation, damage to your scalp or to the hair extensions due to the use of any hair care products we will in no way be held responsible or be liable to provide any refund or exchange of any kind.

When purchasing any product from this website you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to this Returns and Exchange Policy.

If there is any doubt as to the accuracy of your choice please contact us and we will happily assist you.
If you have any questions regarding our shipping and returns policy please contact us by emailing