FAQ - Facts & Common Questions

Q. Why are Luxemane Collection Hair Extensions more expensive than others? 

Our hair extensions are 100% raw, human hair that can be dyed/toned, styled, washed and last up to 3 years and they also emulate your own hair because it is the same organic material. The other hair extensions you’ll find won’t give you the luxury of being able to treat them as your own hair. The cheaper extensions you’ll find are synthetic, lesser grade and will most likely only last you from a couple of weeks to a maximum of 3 months

Q. Can I dye/tone/cut/curl and straighten Luxemane Hair Extensions?

Yes, you certainly can! Although we advise that you have a trained hair dresser do the dyeing, cutting and styling as they will have the knowledge to help you look after your extensions. You can call our helpful staff and they will happily advise you on how to go about dyeing/toning and styling. Luxemane Collection hair extensions are 100% raw human hair so they can be treated as your own hair.

Q. How long does my Luxemane Collection Hair Extensions last?

Our hair extensions are the highest quality available. They will last you up to 3 years providing you look after them as you would your own hair and that you look after your own hair of course! To get the most longevity out of Luxemane Collection extensions you must wash them with sulphate and paraben free products only. If you have bought a weft it is advised that you get a qualified hairdresser trained in hair extensions to install, colour/tone, cut and style them for you as they will be able help you with maintenance and product care.

Q. Can I wash my Luxemane Collection Hair Extensions?

Yes you can! Luxemane Collection hair extensions are 100% raw human hair so they can be treated as your own hair. We advise that you use sulphate and paraben free hair care products as the extensions are an organic material and are no longer attached to their natural source and can no longer get the nutrients and natural oils so it is important to look after them with sulphate and paraben free products.

Q. What is your returns/exchange policy?

You may return your product within 14 days of the sale only if it has a major defect from manufacture and it has not been used or worn. For more information on this please see the Exchange and Returns Policy.

Q. What makes Luxemane Collection Hair Extensions different to other hair extensions?

We have spent several years in research and have eventually realised that the best way is to source our hair from the origin. We have governed the process all the way from sourcing to manufacturing to packing and shipping to you. Other hair extension brands do not know where their hair comes from, and most buy from Chinese factories that could do anything along the way. A lot of hair extensions on the market aren’t even hair, they are synthetic copies of hair that will look shiny for a few weeks and then start to deteriorate and will not look like hair at all. Others are covered in silicones to mask the low quality, these silicone enhanced hair extensions will also deteriorate, start to matt and not look so nice at all after a few short weeks of continuous use. Luxemane Collection hair extensions will last you a long time and look like your hair because they are real hair.

Q. What if I need help choosing my colour and length?

Sometimes we all need a bit of help with making decisions about what will suit us and hair extensions are one of those things that you want to be sure about before purchasing. Our helpful staff are happy to walk you through and answer any questions that you may have. Simply call or send us an email to hello@luxemane.com and we’ll get back to you asap!

Q. How do I track the shipping for my order?

(Within Australia)

We understand that you may be excited to receive your product! All orders within Australia are shipped by Australia Post. Upon request a tracking number will be available for you to track your order all the way to your door.

(International orders)
We ship all international items under 2KG by Startrack International Shipping for a flat rate of $25AUD. Receival time from date of shipping of your item is between 5 – 21 business days. A tracking number is available upon request, with this you can log on to Startrack International Shipping website for your shipment update.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

We have PayPal, Stripe, ZIP PAY and AfterPay facilities for your convenience with online transactions so you can rest assured that your personal details are safe.

Q. How do I know my details are secure? 

Our checkout page is secured with the most up to date security available through all of our payment options. We are serious about security, especially with our customers details. Your personal details are also never shared or stored on our servers.

Q. Will Luxemane Collection Hair Extensions damage my natural hair?

When Luxemane Collection wefts are installed they are done so without any nasty glues and do not require any heat or keratins to apply. Always be sure to have them installed by a hairdresser that is trained to install wefts extensions, this is because all hair extensions are added weight to your head and if not installed properly this may cause problems. If you decide that you need a break from your extensions our wefts can easily be removed without any harmful/damaging products. Our Mane Piece™ and Deluxe Clip Ins™ can be easily put in for a special night/event and taken out for your convenience.

Q. Does Luxemane Collection offer a wholesale option for salon owners?

Yes, we do! You can apply to be a Luxemane Collection stockist by emailing us at hello@luxemane.com. As we have a reputation to uphold all stockists must be registered businesses with full salons run by qualified hair dressers.