• Booster Weft 60gm (26") #7N Natural Light Brown

Booster Weft 60gm (26") #7N Natural Light Brown

The Booster Weft is essentially half a Classic Machine Weft sewn individually to ensure the stitching is intact, reducing the risk of shedding. Made using 100% raw human hair, it is double drawn and machined wefted to a width of 60 centimetres. The weft is created so that 60grams of hair is easily attached without creating bulk when applying. You can apply a luxemane booster weft using methods such as L.A weave, braided weave or micro weave.*Please note* A Booster Weft can only be used to thicken or add fullness to the ends of hair that is already long. It is not advisable to use a booster weft for both length and thickness, you will need to purchase a Classic Machine Weft.
  • $455.00