• Hybrid Flex Weft 120gm (22") #7C Cool Light Brown

Hybrid Flex Weft 120gm (22") #7C Cool Light Brown

Our unique Hybrid Flex Weft is our most versatile and innovative hair extensions product yet. Carefully manufactured with our process using 100% raw human hair guaranteed to give you the most luxurious hair available.On a width of 1.2 metres, our Hybrid Flex Weft is specifically created so that 120grams of hair is easily installed with minimal bulk and ultimate flex for your comfort. As  with any other Luxemane Collection weft, you can install the Hybrid Flex Weft using methods such as L.A weave, braided weave or micro weave.One 22" set of Hybrid Flex Weft will generally be enough for a full head of hair, however, for extra volume you may want to add a booster weft.
  • $850.00